Philip Burthem: Fight Director & Production Designer

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Fight director: Phil Burthem
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Fight director: Phil Burthem
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Fight director: Phil Burthem

Fight director: Phil Burthem

Phil Burthem is
a close quarter
combat fight master










The Jomsvikings are the world's leading Viking re-enactment organisation. These warriors train intensively in the established Jomsviking Fighting System using authentic Viking age steel weapons. This fighting technique was developed and refined by Mike Heywood and Phil Burthem. They are the internationally respected fighting force; the most spectacular, dynamic and striking Vikings alive today. Phil Burthem is their Jarl.
My new viking jewellry website. You'll find anything you need; weaponry, armour, jewellry, fittings, etc. This range has been put together to help anyone with an interest of the Viking Age.
Paul Binns produces a wide range of weaponry from his traditional forge at Middle Drove, in the middle of the Norfolk Fens, England.
Model figures, shield and banner transfers. pictures and vignettes.
Northants Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi for health is practiced to an exacting standard along with the martial art aspect.